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Slide Tunable Didgeridoo Low Tuning 068 SOLD


    The Slide Tunable Didgeridoo is made entirely of wood. Having this instrument is like having Six (6) didgeridoos all wrapped up in a bomb of a didge! Yes six because you can choose six notes for your Slide didge to be tuned to.

    The form of this instrument has been carefully planned to give the it good back pressure on all its keys, beautiful harmonics and a loud and clear voice!

    The Slide Didgeridoo is now available for ordering here on my site, this beauty can be currently ordered on request and will take a few weeks to be made from the date of order.

    The seal of this didgeridoo is very durable and with every Slide didge ordered, an extra seal is sent for free. Additional seals may be subsequently acquired, if necessary.

    Available in different Key Ranges and different types of woods! So Contact me to customise your Slide Tunable Didgeridoo the way you want it!

    Weight: 3.5 to 4Kgs (Depending on the type of wood used)

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