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SOLD Hybrid Didgeridoo 034

  • Sorry this Didgeridoo is SOLD

    "Hi Keith just got back from didge retreat with Onderj Smeykal in Wales. He played my hybrid & loved it. He managed 6 toots with ease & said the back pressure is perfectly balanced and the vocal harmonics are wonderful. The didge is sensitive and does not require much breath to play it. All in all Keith he loved it & said you're a real craftsman. Unfortunately my camera broke so couldn't get any images of him playing it, sorry. Great feedback from a true master eh... 6 toots with ease he said he might have got a 7th but was sure his friend Stephen Kent could probably get more, wow. I also took a eucalyptus didge with me & he said the hybrid suits me better. " James Byron - Scotland. - Hybrid 034

    "Greetings from Scotland. Keith is a woodworker of the highest quality. The craftsmanship of my hybrid didge blew me away. The attention to detail is awesome as is the finish. Back pressure is amazing & allows for easy circular breathing. The tone is crystal clear and the sound is booming but very responsive and easy to play. I have 34 didges from various makers but the hybrid from Twistedidge is now my prized possession. Keep up the great work mate.... Hi again Keith, My Hybrid didge No 34 blows me away. Every day I find something new in it and as for the tone, well it just invites you to play it more. I'm going on a didge retreat at the end of May with Ondrej Smeykal and will be taking 34 along. Anyhoo mate didge on"
    James Byron - Scotland - Hybrid 034
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