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SOLD Hybrid Didgeridoo 035

  • Sorry this Didgeridoo is SOLD

    "Three weeks before Easter I got my new wonderful Didge from Keith: #35.It was perfect and secure in its Package, transportation lasts only one week from him to Stuttgart/Germany. I was very enthusiastic unwrapping the instrument. It looks wonderful, perfect craftsmanship shiny and durable finish, length and mouth-peace were exactly as ordered. The enthusiasm raised when I played it for the first time. It has a great full sound, comfortable back pressure and its easy to play, exact when playing percussive and easy to handle even by the length of 184 cm. Thank you dear Keith, for building my best instrument, I have real fun with it. Its great that your good vibrations now could be heard all around the world, also in south Germany." Martin Lubke - Stuttgart Germany
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