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SOLD Hybrid Didgeridoo 048

  • Sorry this Didgeridoo is SOLD

    "I strongly believe that you don't find a didgeridoo, the didgeridoo finds you, and through a series of circumstances I ended up at the Twistedidge website and there was the #48 Hybrid Agave didgeridoo. Keith from Twistdidge advertised this hybrid didgeridoo #48 as very loud, and man was he right. it seems that all my other didges have silencers fitted on them now when compared to this didge. This Hybrid #48 is stunning to look at, amazing to play and the craftsmanship is suburb, and I can understand why Keith was reluctant to part with it. I'm already hoping that my next didgeridoo that finds me will be from Twistedidge - Thanks again Keith" Mike Pearce - Bristol - United Kingdom
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