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-SOLD- Hybrid Didgeridoo 054

  • -SOLD-

    Another Hybrid Didgridoo, this one is made of Agave,
    Mahogany, Ash and Beech wood. Countless hours of work have resulted in this beauty of an instrument and I am certainly very pleased with the result!

    The hybrid concept has now become my trademark and I'm really glad that I came up with this idea of ​​marrying the wood with the beauty of Agave Bells.

    A solid, powerful didgeridoo, which is definetly an instant rock star! did I tell you that this didge is loud? but really loud!?

    Among the many features of hybrids are: Loudness, ease of play and super-easy overtones!

    Key: F
    Length: 186cm
    Mouthpiece: Ergonomic mahogany wood mouthpiece 3cm (In) 4.8cm (Out)
    Bell: 15cm
    Type of Wood: Agave, Mahogany, Ash and Beech wood
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