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SOLD Twisted Didgeridoo 003

  • Sorry this Didgeridoo is SOLD

    ''The Twistedidge is awesome ! I ♥ it! We will come back in Malta next summer for sure and you will see it again!!! Greetings from Macedonia !'' Maya Galev - Macedonia - 21/11/11

    ''I have tried meny didgeridos but these i like the most, im satisfited that i have them. They are now in my hands(hihihii) The back pressure Air is just too great, that makes u eve addicted not letting the didgireedo from your hands They are easy to paly, it eve makes you wondering how good u are able to play .They are also very loud, and thats sure very important for the adrenalin and joy...

    Eucalyptus Didge No. 12
    Agave Didge No: 20
    Twisted Didgeridoo No.3'' Bernard Milevic- Macedonia / Malta - 12/10/11
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