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Trumpet Style Didgeridoo 047 SOLD


    This Didgeridoo is all about great performance, comfort and great aesthetics!

    For every joint in all of my Didgeridoos I use super strong epoxy resin glue together with dowels for that piece of mind of having a stronger than wood bond.

    I have called this style The Trumpet Style, first of all because it looks like a trumpet and secondly because it has amazingly loud and easy trumpets! A very fast percussive player ideal for him / her who wants to be able to play fast rhythmic vibrations, as it will make you feel a better player and discover that you are capable of producing new sounds you never thought you could do with other didges.

    It has an ergonomic mouthpiece which was shaped in the multi drone style (thanks to the inventor William Thoren). This type of mouthpiece helps the player get a better seal and also makes vocalizing easier due to its shape. The perfectly tapered shape and the relatively thin walls up top coupled with ticker walls down at the bell end are the perfect recipe for magic sound vibrations.

    This instrument is coated in epoxy resin from the inside and outside, for durability, better sound travel and also to protect it from the humidity of the users saliva and breath. A video of this didge being played can be viewed on my blog / videos page.


    Key - F
    Trumpets - F, D (YES the first trumpet sits exactly an octave up from the fundamental drone).
    Length - 158.5cm
    Mouthpiece in walnut - 2.9cm (inside)
    Bell diameter - 15.5cm (outside) / 13cm (inside)
    Finish - Semi Gloss
    Net Weight - 3.2Kg
    Back pressure - Very High
    Harmonics - Good
    Loudness - Loud

    Ideal for fast percussive players
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