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​How do I place an order?


Placing an order with Twistedidge is simple, just follow the easy steps below:


  1. Click on Shop from the Main Menu and choose which type of product you are looking for by clicking on: Didgeridoo, Jaw Harps, Other Instruments or Ethnic Items

  2. Scroll through the collection and choose the instrument you would like to buy

  3. Choose if you want to add shipping insurance or not for extra peace of mind

  4. Click Add to Cart

  5. Go to My Cart (For ease of reference the My Cart Button is situated on the top right hand corner of every page)

  6. Select Country Destination for the website to automatically calculate shipping for your instrument

  7. Click Checkout and the website will direct you to your Pay Pal Account for payment

Alternatively or if you are not seeing what you are looking for here on my website, feel free to Contact Me Here and we can discuss and I will guide you to choose the best instrument which fits your needs and also the best possible way to get it delivered safely to you!



Payment, Postage and Insurance



Paying for your instrument is simple and secure, since for your safety and peace of mind we accept payments by VISA, PAYPAL or by Direct Bank Transfer.  


Shipping and Insurance

Please note that the automatic shiping quoted by the website is for Standard Registered Parcel post, if you would like to insure your instrument please choose ADD INSURANCE before going to your cart to checkout. For items costing less than €100 insurance costs €5 and for items costing over €100 insurance costs €15.00.  If you want your didge to be sent by EMS Courrier (Faster and automatically Insured) please Contact Me Here for a free shipping quote.


It is the customer's choice with regards to shiping insurance, however even though I have been sending didgeridoos around the world since 2009 and I make sure that each and every instrument is packed by myself to very high standards, accidents during shiping which are very rare and far in between can can happen. Having postage insurance will add that extra peace of mind, if the customer chooses not to add insurance he/she will be accepting all responsibility if the instrument is lost or damaged during transit.


If your country is not listed in the drop down menu of the countries for shipping calculation purposes, do not worry we can still send your desired instrument to your country, all you need to do is to contact us and we will provide a shipping quote within 12 hours.



Secure Ordering & Payment Options


Paying for your didgeridoo is simple and secure since I accept payments through VISA, PAYPAL and Direct Bank Transfer for your safety and peace of mind. If you wish to pay by direct bank transfer, this is done by sending me an email or contacting me through the contact form stating which didgeridoo you would like to purchase and I will send you my bank details for you to make the payment at your convenience. 


Do you ship Worldwide?


Yes I ship to anywhere in the world as long as there is postage coverage in your area. If you do not see your country listed among the destinations to choose from during checkout, just send me an email or contact me through the contact form requesting a shiping quote and I will reply to you within 12 hours.



Returns & Refunds

In all these years I have been making and sending Didgeridoos all over the world I have never had an unsatisfied customer with his newly purchased instrument. I make sure that statements and descriptions made here on this website are as accurate and honest as possible and customer satisfaction is my top priority. However If for whatever reason you do not bond with your new didgeridoo or it is not exactly how you excpected it to be, you can send it back within the first 7 days of receiving it, with no questions asked. Once I receive back the instrument in its original state I will issue a full refund. Return postage is the responsibility of the customer.



What Quality should I expect when buying a Didgeridoo from Twistedidge?


Buying a didgeridoo online can be challenging and if one does not make his homework right he/she may end up with an instrument that will crack after a few months of purchase or quickly find out that the received didgeridoo was not what it was initially expected. When you purchase a didgeridoo from Twistedidge you can have peace of mind that:


1.   All Didgeridoos I make are genuine handcrafted instruments with each and every single instrument taking between

      20 to 40 hours of work to finish

2.   I always keep in mind that the only way to uphold my valuable reputation is to make sure my customers are satisfied

3.  Twistedidge is run by myself Keith from a small workshop on the sunny island of Malta, so you can rest assured that 

      you will get a personalised service

4.   For me, making didgeridoos is not a business but a passion for music, art and woodcraft

5.   I genuinely believe, as it can also be seen from my testimonials, that my instruments are of superior quality and I                       constantly strive in order to keep this very same quality with every instrument I make



Why are Bamboo Didgeridoos Cheaper?


Cheap bamboo didgeridoos often found for sale for a few Euros or Dollars are not intented to be used as instruments but only for decoration purposes. Cheap didgeridoos are often not sealed from the inside thus making them very prone to cracking and losing their sound quality. 


All didgeridoos I make come with my personal guarantee of quality; that if you use and store your instrument properly it will give you many years of service with a minimum amount of maintenance. If the basic rule that any wooden instrument such as a guitar, violin or a didgeridoo ''should be kept clean, not be exposed to sudden and extreme changes of temperatures and not dropped or thrown all over the place'' is adhered to, a Twistedidge Didgeridoo will keep its original sound quality for many years to come. However if for any reason whatsoever your purchased instrument needs attention after an unfortunate accident I will restore it to its former glory free of charge.  



Didgeridoo Tuning


All Twistedidge Didgeridoos are tuned individually by myself and I take it as a personal challenge to have each and every instrument I make as near to if not spot on tuning as possible. However it is to be kept in mind that tuning a didgeridoo is more complex than one may intially think. This is due to the fact that the tuning of a didgeridoo is relitave to several different factors that effect the pitch after it is completed, these include environmental temperature, individual player, technique and sometimes speed of playing.


The two factors that mostly effect tuning are the environmental temperature and the individual player's technique. The same didgeridoo played in a warm atmosphere will vary slightly in pitch when played in a colder ambient temeprature. As stated above, the other factor that effects tuning is the individual player's technique. For obvious reasons I tune all didgeridoos to my playing technique, therefore it is to be excpected that a slight change in tuning may be experienced when played by a different player having a different technique.


If you have particular tuning requests please send me your request by email and I will be more than glad to help you. If you live in Malta or happen to be visiting and would like to have your new intrument tuned to your style of playing drop me a line and before the didge is finished I will tune it to your preferences, no worries.


Having mentioned the above points, from my experience the vast majority of players will not even notice the difference in pitch and will enjoy their instrument for years to come!



​What do you use to coat / seal Didgeridoos?


Usually I  coat the didgeridoos I make with multiple coats of epoxy resin both from the inside and outside, this gives the instrument both a beautiful smooth finish and also added protection against the humidity coming from the players mouth. The epoxy resin used is food safe when cured and will pose no risk to the player when in contact to the skin. Didgeridoos finsihed this way are totally waterproof which is an added bonus as you can rest assured that your instrument will give you years of service with the minimum of maintenance required. Also epoxy finished didgeridoos can be rinsed from time to time under running water to make sure they are kept clean.


I also use Danish Oil plus various coats of wax, for sealing some of my instruments. I choose this type of finish when I want to keep the most natural look, feel and sound as possible.  Instruments finished this way will need a re application of oil every now and than, to keep them protected from the users saliva and from the elements.



​How do I reseal with oil a didgeridoo from the inside?


It is very easy to reseal a didgeridoo from the inside. Just close off the mouthpiece with a plastic bag secured with masking tape and pour the oil from the other end. No close off the bell end the same way and move the didge in a way to have the oil move through the didge and re seal it from the inside. 


Epoxy sealed didgeridoos do not need to be re oiled.



How do I know that the instrument I have is a genuine Twistedidge Didgeridoo?


All Twistedidge Didgeridoos made from 2013 onwards have the Twistedidge Logo sealed on the outside or on the inside of the instrument. From 2014, I have also started to burn / brand the Logo on most of my hardwood didges too. So if it does not have the Logo it is not made by Twistedidge, simple :) 


















What does your Logo mean? / Why did you choose this Logo?


As you may or may not know I am from Malta; the tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The Maltese Cross, which is the eight pointed cross depicted in the picture below, has been associated with the Maltese Islands since the Knight Hospitaliers took residence in Malta during the 16th Century. Malta and the Knights of St John are more known for the victory in the greatest siege known to man in 1565, when the Maltese together with the Knights emerged victorous after nothing less than a 3 month siege by the elite forces of the Ottoman Empire, better known as the Janisseries.


If you want to know more about the Great Siege of Malta follow this link: Great Siege of Malta on Youtube


I have chosen to use a modified version of the Maltese Cross because it represents my country and is normally used on items made in Malta. I am also somewhat of a patriot who loves his country and supports everything made locally, especially by small businesses like mine. This is becuase I strongly believe that when one buys local or supports small businesses, he/she is not helping a CEO to continue building his big money empire but helping out normal people like you and me to put food on their table, pay their bills and be able to live a normal life like everybody else! 


Support Small Businesses... Support Local! 














Shiping & Frequently Asked Questions

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