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Thank you and good vibes your way wherever you are!




''Yes, and I love it, exactly as you said it was, a performance didge that is loud, with high back pressure and so very easy to toot, this is just what I was looking for from a didge to advance into fast percussive playing. I also love the mouth piece which is so comfortable around the mouth and it does enable the mouth/lips to form the vocals better. I will nearly go to say that it is equal if not better in some playing aspects than my #48 didge. I can't believe nobody hasn't snapped this up long before especially as you had a video clip of it being played'' 

Michael Pearce - United Kingdom - Trumpet Style Didge 047


''What a lovely didge it is much lighter than I thought it would be but a lovely player, it is the first didge I have played with that type of mouth piece but it is great after a few minutes of playing it I got use to it, I will be contacting you soon about a slide didge...''

Derek Smith - United Kindgdom - Hybrid Didge No. 054


''My new agave didge from Twistedidge Didgeridoos, its a sweet, it plays nice, vocals are great and the back pressure is just right'' Brian Emery - United Kindgdom - Agave Didge No. 078


''Thank you so much for this awesome didge which sounds great Keith! The quality of your work is excellent I can’t be more satisfied! I’m glad I live far from the city centre cause I might have got into trouble due to its loudness! Love it bro! Cheers!''

Nicola Romeo - Italy / Austria - Cypress Didge No. 056


''Still getting used to it as the sound is way different to the agave didges . I have only had the 1 jam with it so far. Sanshi had a play on it yesterday and liked it too. Going to play the national anthem on it in a couple of weeks in front of about 1500 people so better get my skills up soon. Thanks mate. Shes a ripper!''

Ian Shedley - Australia - Slide Tunable Didge (B to E Tuning)


''Thanks for an awesome didge !

I just wanna thank you for the wonderful didgeridoo you made for me. The sound is perfect and skillfully made. Its a masterpiece and I am really happy with my didgeridoo. On its own is still a piece of art. If in the future I buy another one I won`t search anywhere I will buy directly from you.I am impressed.. well done.''

Aloys Curmi -  Malta - Split Traveller's Didgeridoo


''Arrived today many thanks more than 7 trumpet notes ,3 kgs lighter than my termite concert C didge- and, after a couple hours on the less than 3 cm mounth piece, I am more than pleasantly persuaded that this is just what I guessed/hoped it might be! It straps exactly on to a Burley tandem , ,with padding ,a didge bag , and some added protection. Who said it wasnt a travelling didge?:) Pleased as punch.''

Mark Nelson - The Netherlands - Hybrid 042


"Hey buddy, your wood works are amazing well done, skillful and talented" Edward Hamilton - Malta



"I strongly believe that you don't find a didgeridoo, the didgeridoo finds you, and through a series of circumstances I ended up at the Twistedidge website and there was the #48 Hybrid Agave didgeridoo. Keith from Twistdidge advertised this hybrid didgeridoo #48 as very loud, and man was he right. it seems that all my other didges have silencers fitted on them now when compared to this didge. This Hybrid #48 is stunning to look at, amazing to play and the craftsmanship is suburb, and I can understand why Keith was reluctant to part with it. I'm already hoping that my next didgeridoo that finds me will be from Twistedidge - Thanks again Keith"   Mike Pearce - Bristol - United Kingdom - Hybrid didge 048



"I just got my new didge from Twistedidge #36 which I am very satisfied with. Apart from its unique and amazing looks, it sounds wonderful. It has a perfect back pressure and very easy to play. Keep up the good work Keith. Well done!!" Gary Vella - Malta



"Hi Keith just got back from didge retreat with Onderj Smeykal in Wales. He played my hybrid & loved it. He managed 6 toots with ease & said the back pressure is perfectly balanced and the vocal harmonics are wonderful. The didge is sensitive and does not require much breath to play it. All in all Keith he loved it & said you're a real craftsman. Unfortunately my camera broke so couldn't get any images of him playing it, sorry. Great feedback from a true master eh... 6 toots with ease he said he might have got a 7th but was sure his friend Stephen Kent could probably get more, wow. I also took a eucalyptus didge with me & he said the hybrid suits me better. "  James Byron - Scotland.



"Three weeks before Easter I got my new wonderful Didge from Keith: #35.It was perfect and secure in its Package, transportation lasts only one week from him to Stuttgart/Germany. I was very enthusiastic unwrapping the instrument. It looks wonderful, perfect craftsmanship shiny and durable finish, length and mouth-peace were exactly as ordered. The enthusiasm raised when I played it for the first time. It has a great full sound, comfortable back pressure and its easy to play, exact when playing percussive and easy to handle even by the length of 184 cm. Thank you dear Keith, for building my best instrument, I have real fun with it. Its great that your good vibrations now could be heard all around the world, also in south Germany." Martin Lubke - Stuttgart Germany



''Really satisfied with the didge, Deep sound, great styling and comfortable to play with. Well done mate 10/10 :))''

 Kelvin Caruana - Malta



''WOW man,thanx for my wonderful BIG B agave, im so stoked to finally have a good agave in my personal collection, your craftmanship is exceptional bro,fine work, beautiful finish,very professional, also the pressure and feel is so nice and a joy to play. i waited 20 years now for a good 1 to arrive into my home and now i have it,thanx bro '' Adam Crookedstixz Henwood -Australia



"Greetings from Scotland. Keith is a woodworker of the highest quality. The craftsmanship of my hybrid didge blew me away. The attention to detail is awesome as is the finish. Back pressure is amazing & allows for easy circular breathing. The tone is crystal clear and the sound is booming but very responsive and easy to play. I have 34 didges from various makers but the hybrid from Twistedidge is now my prized possession. Keep up the great work mate.... Hi again Keith, My Hybrid didge No 34 blows me away. Every day I find something new in it and as for the tone, well it just invites you to play it more. I'm going on a didge retreat at the end of May with Ondrej Smeykal and will be taking 34 along. Anyhoo mate didge on"  James Byron - Scotland



''Hallo Keith, Das Didge ist wirklich klasse. Sieht in Natura besser aus als auf den Bildern. Der Sound ist absolut kraftvoll und tief. Genau das was ich wollte. Einfach zu spielen, der Gegendruck sehr deutlich zu spüren. Egal wie du spielst. Ich habe seit 2 Wochen einfach nur Spaß damit. Nochmals danke für die schnelle Lieferung.Good Vibes aus Deutschland''.


 ''Hi Keith, the didge is really cool. Looks better in the flesh than the pictures. The sound is absolutely powerful and deep. Exactly what I wanted. Easy to play, the back pressure to feel very clearly. No matter how you play. I've just been 2 weeks of fun with it. Thanks again for the quick delivery.Good vibes from Germany''. Dirk Gissel - Germany



''Nice site and great looking sticks, feels good! Nice work''. Ash Dargan- Hobart Tasmania - 06/07/12



''The Twistedidge is awesome ! I ♥ it! We will come back in Malta next summer for sure and you will see it again!!! Greetings from Macedonia !'' Maya Galev - Macedonia - 21/11/11



''I received my didgeridoo in france last week. it is really nice. the resine gives it a nice finish. this didgeridoo has pretty harmonics and a good response to fast playing. i am not restricted in playing rapidly by this didge. this didgeridoo makes me want to play it, both by its finish and its sonority.THANKS A LOT keith for this splendid instrument.'' Jeremy Serignac - France - 27/10/11



''I have tried meny didgeridos but these i like the most, im satisfited that i have them. They are now in my hands(hihihii) The back pressure Air is just too great, that makes u eve addicted not letting the didgireedo from your hands They are easy to paly, it eve makes you wondering how good u are able to play .They are also very loud, and thats sure very important for the adrenalin and joy...


Eucalyptus Didge No. 12

Agave Didge No: 20

Twisted Didgeridoo No.3''  Bernard Milevic- Macedonia / Malta - 12/10/11



''Many thanks for the Didge. Top quality and craftsmanship. Easy to play, even better than expected.'' Darren Williams - Pertshire U.K.- 02/10/11



''Thanx & keep up the great work ;)''  Alireza Heterodoxx - Iran - 24/09/11



''The stick arrived today. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS DIDGE, Mate!!! Looks even better than the pics and the best sounding of my four sticks. Thanks a million Mate!!! TRULY 'Twisted, sick art work. Cheers!''  Vincent - Switzerland - 13/11/11



''Still impressed with the sound of your twisted didge! Amazing craftsmanship!''  Liam Spiteri- Malta - 13/11/11



''Greetings from Malaysia! Twistedidge Awesome! :)''  Fahmi Jamalludin - Malaysia - 10/09/11



''You sure have great talent, it shows in the finished product... Awesome work. Keep it up.''  Gray - Malta - 20/08/11



''Beautiful!...Nice web site, so many colors, im waiting to test them live! Keep on!''  Carlo Cattano - Tenerife 01/10/11



''A very nice website, some sounds of the didges would be great'' Bryan Scotson-Smith - Nottingham United Kingdom - 15/07/11



''The Didge I bought from Twistedidge is great and I am really happy with it..., well done you have talent... keep it up my friend''

Christian Curmi - Malta - 07/07/11



''Well done goes to you Keith for the hard and great work you re doing on these didgeridoos :) Keep up the GOOD work :)......after having my first lesson with Clintdidge Mifsud where I learnt some basic plays with the didgeridoo I bought from Twistedidge Malta, I can say it sounds awesome :D'' Matthew Debattista- Malta - 07/07/11



''Well done for your site and obviously for your wonderful hand made Didgeridoos. I had the opportunity to play some of your didges and I really like them alot. Didge on man''. Malcolm Mifsud - Hamrun Malta - 29/06/11



''Your didges are awesome.. I would like to buy them all if I could... the Twisted didge is ingenious.. well done mate!''

Pawlu Ix-Xemx Debono - Mdina Malta - 28/06/11



''Well done for the Website and for the Didges!!! Very Good Job. Keep in touch man and Didge On !!!! :)'' Didgeridoo Malta - 27/06/11



''I must say that you have some great didgeridoo's, keep up the amazing work! ... also .. cool website!'' Danica Mallia - Malta - 24/06/11



''Helloo! Wanted to thank you for spending your time making these beautiful didges, really amazing job, I am super happy with mine! keep it up!'' Milly Vassallo - Malta - 08/06/11
























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