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Twisted Didgeridoo No. 050 - SOLD-


    Compact Didgeridoos or Twisted Didgeridoos are ideal for traveling, busking or concert playing, even if small they pack a punch and have the same sound like normal shaped didgeridoos.

    Another Twisted one, this time made out of Douglas Fir, with a Mahogany mouthpiece. Amazing in every aspect, this compact didge has explosive playabilty, very loud, easy toots and great vocals. Its taper shape from bell to its neck and its bore shape give it an amazing back pressure which makes it great for fast playing and also meditative rhtyms. This is a didge which is ideal for the traveler, who either is a beginner or advance player alike. Coated in epoxy resin from the inside and outside, it is totally waterproof and very durable. A didge to have, I can never get enough of playing this one!


    Material - Douglas Fir, Mahogany mouthpiece.
    Dimensions: 48 x 32cm
    Bell end - 14 x 6cm
    Mouthpiece - 3cm (inside),
    Key - D
    1st Toot - E
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